Silverstone Sprint (part of MG Live!)

posing in the paddock at Silverstone with the MG Midget

Rob Dixon (without whom none of this would be possible) and I posing in the Silverstone paddock

Trusty assistant Rob and I drove down to Silverstone this evening and after some searching (and slightly sarcastic remarks from “proper” MG racers we asked for directions) we eventually found the paddock. The car was running well and I was slightly daunted – this was the full on a section GP circuit after all and my competition debut. I was nervous before I discovered

Fitting numbers to the Midget for the first time in the Silverstone paddock

If you have forgotten your beam breaker you will need to improvise. I lined-up with a hastily broken off bit of clip board, covered in black tape and cable-tied on. It didn’t look professional but overall the car did, having been prepared for exactly this type of event by its previous owner.

Silverstone MG Midget 1500 Sprint Hillclimb beam breaker

For Silverston Rob had to hastily cobble together a beam breaker for the trusty MG Midget

Scrutineering is the most stressful part of the whole event. What if something has worked loose? What if I haven’t got the correct paperwork? What if they don’t let me compete?

The scrutineer didn’t laugh at my beam breaker (though he was somewhat condescending towards my cheapest-I-could-find race suit) and sent me off with only one instruction: “Clean your bloody engine”.

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I just an ordinary guy with a busy job trying to compete in motorsport. I like to make things difficult for myself by living far away from most of the venues, using a car known to have "issues" and living in the cobble-streeted heart of a Cathedral city and therefore having no room to store a trailer or a van. This means that I have to drive to every event. Or get creative with hire vans...
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