Prescott Autum Classic

Prescott Speed Hillclimb MG Midget 1500 at Pardon. Oil Smoke

Prescott Speed Hillclimb MG Midget 1500 at Pardon. Oil Smoke

Prescott – what an amazing place to make a hill climbing debut. 80 years of history and a spectacular venue. Car running fine as we approached and found our spot in the paddock. Whole paddock full of exciting machinery. There were a few Bugattis scattered about but my favourites were the 500s. Beautiful little cars and spectacular to watch, particularly as the drives have to lean out and hold onto the side as they corner.

A 500 racer at Prescott

A 500 racer at Prescott

I took it slowly for the first couple of runs (practice is practice as the sages say). First timed run went well but I saw a photographer and attempted to get a bit of oversteer for him exciting Ettores. I also braked later than I meant to for Pardon but this made me run wide which turned out to be the right thing to do. It’s a funny corner and so steep it seems to be faster to keep away from the apex and go round the outside (Martin Brundall would have called it a wall of death). Check out the video below. I was very slow on the top half though. Someone has said “the Eesses are definitely not flat” and I was timid. Also used second rather than third while rounding Semicircle. Return to paddock and Rob tells me the commentator was making comments (I guess that’s his job!) about the amount of smoke coming from the exhaust.

Final run was very late after a long delay while a crashed car was removed from the undergrowth somewhere. I set my fastest time, despite being too tight in Pardon because I was much faster through the Esses and Semmicirlce. Best time 98% of target. Not bad for first attempt with now very smoky engine. Loved it! I’ll be back!

Prescott Speed Hillclimb Timing Clock

Prescott Speed Hillclimb Timing Clock my best run in an MG Midget 1500

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