Deciding on new engine spec

The engine had most of the good bits already but the standard class allows balancing (which should help the week bottom end) and I ordered a new electronic ignition and an electric fan should have freed-up a few more horses. People laugh at this, but if the fan saves 3½ bhp that’s 5% more power!

David at Anglian Triumph Services rebuilds these engines all the time and has done so for donkeys’. He did me an excellent price and is local so I delivered the block to him for a strip, balance, rebore and rebuild.

About Shoestring

I just an ordinary guy with a busy job trying to compete in motorsport. I like to make things difficult for myself by living far away from most of the venues, using a car known to have "issues" and living in the cobble-streeted heart of a Cathedral city and therefore having no room to store a trailer or a van. This means that I have to drive to every event. Or get creative with hire vans...
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