Gurston Down

In the paddock at Gurston Down

With the new shells and super expensive competition big end bolts in the Midget and after more evenings spent running-in I set off on a five hour drive to Salisbury and the Gurston Down hillclimb. An event I was keen to do because I spectated there as a child.

I really enjoyed it though I was being careful with the engine. Look how early I change-up. (this was before I knew how to edit so you might want to skip forwards)

I didn’t give it the full beans until the last run to protect the engine and the car felt a bit flat at the top end but I’d been very conservative setting the timing so I knew there was more to come. Then it drove home without making any noises that it wasn’t supposed to!

Results showed I was about 2% of the record so this bodes well!

About Shoestring

I just an ordinary guy with a busy job trying to compete in motorsport. I like to make things difficult for myself by living far away from most of the venues, using a car known to have "issues" and living in the cobble-streeted heart of a Cathedral city and therefore having no room to store a trailer or a van. This means that I have to drive to every event. Or get creative with hire vans...
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