Fitted engine (with a little help from my friend)

Will gets ready to lower engine onto gearbox

Time to put the engine. One of my former students, Will, lent a hand. No real problems. We left the head off to make it a bit lighter.
Will rebuilt a Land Rover in his mum’s garden, mostly on his own and several years before he was old enough to drive it. He is now at university studying off road vehicle design and keen to get hands-on expirience. Its sybiotic. I get an assistant (actually he often leads) and he gets expirience and a few quid towards his next winch or snorkle for his Landie.
The garage is unheated and unlit and it was bloody cold. The drive has a very bumpy finish – its made of concrete with jagged pebbles pushed in so you can’t roll the engine hoist backwards and forwards to line it up so we had to use the garage even though on an overcast day I made seeing what was going on once 2 of the 3 lead lamps had failed and we were down to one LED one which just didin’t give enough light. Frustrating!
Infact the car is too narrow for the arms of the hoist to slide under the car so we put the car up on a pair of ramps which just gives us enough room.
This worked fine until the hoist’s arm hit the garage door (which was open to let some light in), meaning we had to 3/4 close the garage door which made it even darker! Fortunately it was only for a few minutes.
Only error was mine. For some reason I managed to get a washer under the pedestal for the rocker shaft and we only noticed when we came to do the final set of tappets. So we had to take the rocker shaft assembly off, check it wasn’t bent and then reassemble and reset all the tappets.
Cold and tired we decided to stop before it got dark and we made any more stupid mistakes.

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I just an ordinary guy with a busy job trying to compete in motorsport. I like to make things difficult for myself by living far away from most of the venues, using a car known to have "issues" and living in the cobble-streeted heart of a Cathedral city and therefore having no room to store a trailer or a van. This means that I have to drive to every event. Or get creative with hire vans...
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