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I just an ordinary guy with a busy job trying to compete in motorsport. I like to make things difficult for myself by living far away from most of the venues, using a car known to have "issues" and living in the cobble-streeted heart of a Cathedral city and therefore having no room to store a trailer or a van. This means that I have to drive to every event. Or get creative with hire vans...


Next up was a sprint at Goodwood. Very posh and a long way away. You can see where all the money from the festival goes and it is an excellent venue complete with vintage aircraft taking off. Our day was … Continue reading

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Gurston Down

With the new shells and super expensive competition big end bolts in the Midget and after more evenings spent running-in I set off on a five hour drive to Salisbury and the Gurston Down hillclimb. An event I was keen … Continue reading

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Hughes 2010

We had done the Hughes in 2009 and finished almost last but with a second fastest time on the airfield stage. For 2010 we had a special rally trip meter (about £300 all in – don’t tell Hayley) to improve … Continue reading

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Deciding on new engine spec

The engine had most of the good bits already but the standard class allows balancing (which should help the week bottom end) and I ordered a new electronic ignition and an electric fan should have freed-up a few more horses. … Continue reading

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Disastrous drive home

After a long delay for the final run Rob and I set of home from Prescott (near Gloucester) to Norwich. Car was getting smoky during runs (see below) but seemed to be running fine. Half an hour after we left … Continue reading

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Prescott Autum Classic

Prescott – what an amazing place to make a hill climbing debut. 80 years of history and a spectacular venue. Car running fine as we approached and found our spot in the paddock. Whole paddock full of exciting machinery. There … Continue reading

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On the way to Prescott

Very excited as Rob and I set off to drive to a hotel close to Prescott to stay over night and get to scrutineering bright and early. Unfortunately the car started misfiring fairly early into the journey and producing occasional … Continue reading

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Cadders Hill Production Car Trial (SCCON)

The venue was in North Norfolk which does have hills. Well, little ones. I had bought a foot pump and pressure gauge especially because I had read that one trick is to lower tyre pressures to increase traction. I also … Continue reading

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Sporting Car Club of Norfolk Grass Autotest

My old mate Pete came all the qway from Sheffield for this one. My third autotest was on a ploughed field, baked hard by a long East Anglian summer. This meant that at times the car was going with the … Continue reading

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Silverstone event proper!

Silverstone! The most famous circuit in the country and one of the fastest in F1. Home of the British Grand Prix and scene of me and my Midget’s sprint debut. Just typing that has made my heart beat a little … Continue reading

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