What is autotesting?

This is the Autotest route I kept getting wrong. it looks more complex from the car!

Autotesting involves driving round a series of cones as fast as possible. The routes can be pretty complex and it is easy to go the wrong way when you are going as fast as possible. Some courses are easier than others to remember and you usually get several runs around each course with the best time to count. Even so at one MG car club event I had to stop and ask a marshall where to go next. This is not the best way to get a good time!

Sometimes they are on grass and sometimes they are on tarmac areas such as a factory carpark (on a weekend!) or a disused runway.

It is an excellent sport interms of cost per hour. You could be competitive in almost any small car and its not likely to cause much damage (though it can be fairly hard on tyres, especially the front ones in my epirience.)

My Midget is brilliant for autotesting. At my first ever try I finished 3rd (from 20 cars). I also competed in a few with the MG CC who organise local autotests all over the country.

There is no need to do anything to prepare the car though a short narrow car that can get through the gates while still a little bit sideways is an advantage. As is rapid acceleration. You probably don’t want too much grip as it is useful to be able to slide the car about. Real pros are amazing.

I’ve only got film of an off road one with my car. This was with the SCCON (sporting car club of Norfolk) who organise production car autotests for about a tenner a go and insist on passengers being carried.

On board – check out the wheel whirling!

External – bit scruffy!

I wrote an artical for MG Enthusiast Magazine about my autotesting expirience. Read it here: Midget pt3 autotest

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