Why start with a 1500?

Why start with a 1500? Good question!

Everybody in the MG world knows that the 1500 is the least desireable Midget and they don’t make a good basis for a competition car. They will tell about the 1500s are the heaviest Midget (true) and that the 1500 engine isn’t very tough (sort of true) and comes with a rubbish gearbox (I totaly disagree).

On the other had they are the cheapest Midget to buy, they were the fastest Midget as standard (only just, but still the fastest) and they happen to fit the class system for the hillclimbing and sprinting I wanted to do.

It may be that an A series car would be better – it certainly would fit better into the class system for the rallies (becasue its older) and some hillclimbing championships (because they have a cut-off at 1400cc) – but I wasn’t looking to be competitive at the time, only take part. Anyway, the rallies class system uses bonus points for older cars so it is only an advantage if you are trying to win the championship and the upto 1400cc class includes modern cars which are faster than the Midget and, generally, its not a well supported class.

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