A typical hillclimb day

Prescott speed hillclimb MG Midget 1500 waiting for the start with MG CC

Midget and lots of other MGs Waiting for the start at Prescott with MG CC

The hillclimber’s day starts early with registration from about 8ish. If you’ve got a Midget that can only cruise at 60mph then you’ll need to leave your house very early. Weeks before the hillclimb you apply to take part. Some of the more glamorus hillclimbs like Prescott are oversubscribed and you may well not be goven an opportunity to compete but if you get a slot you will be sent a pack which includes various passes. You need to take all your documentation to some nice people in a shed. They check it and ensure the scrutineer will find you.

The “scrutes” are primarily concerned with saftey. They are from the club that hosts the event rather than the club that you are might be competing with so they aren’t there to check eligability. My Midget runs in the MG CC standard class. So at Prescott the Bugatti Owners Club provide the scrutes. Nobody has ever checked my Midget for eligability. Maybe they would if it went conspicuously faster than everybody else’s.

Prepare the car for the scrutes by parking it lined up (often in the correct bay – some clubs are more fussy than others) and emplty everything out. Most people bring a tarpaulin and take everything out of the boot / glovebox incoluding things like the spare wheel and the jack. Attach your numbers and the beam breaker. Put your suit, gloves and helmet somewhere obvious (like on the roof or passenger seat) and then wait.

The scrute will poke about a bit, no two are the same, but they will often wiggle the steering wheel and peer into the engine bay to check everything seems to be securely attached and that you have enough throttle return springs.

Once the car has been checked and declared safe (they will give you a sticker – put it somewhere the marshalls on the line will see like on the roll cage, just beside your head) all you have to do is wait to be called on the MASH style tannoy.

Before you set off check you got everything n the checklist at the bottom of this page.

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