It was all done with a point and shoot camera and gorilla pod. See here for details.

Gurston Down badly edited

Gurston Down: (Quite long – I’ve left the start on so a novice could see what happens as part of the build-up. If you only want the action, skip forward

Prescott: (I’ve left a lot of build-up on. If you only want the action go to 1:30)

Cornering at Gurston Down (complete with sarky coments from commentator):

Autotest (“grass” more like a bumpy feild) – on board:

Autotest slalom (bumpy field) external – gets a bit scruffy!:

Classic rallying on board (bit of a row, entirely the driver’s fault. I’ve since applogised!)

Classic rallying on board without argument. Lowered suspension means driving round the bigger holes though.

Starting the sprint at Silverstone (on a corner of the GP circuit):

Starting at Goodwood:

PCT (production car trialing) external

PCT (production car trialing) on board

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