Production Car Trialing in a Midget

This is an excellent sport for the shoestring racer. Midgets are very competitive and the MG Car Club even runs competitions. Also, it is incredably cheap to enter. My local club (SCCON) charge about £20.

Basically its like downhill skiing only going up hill! A series of gates are layed-out on a steep slope. You drive your car up the hill and between each gate. If the car gets stuck you get the score from the highest gate you got to before you got stuck. If you clip a gate you get that score too. In the video below it looks like we “cleaned” the hill becuase we make it over the top (weirdly this one starts going down hill which would have been interesting if it had been wet but was pretty easy in the dry.)

You can share the drive by taking it in turn. You need a passanger to “bounce” the car to get traction.

Here’s what a different hill looks like from the driver’s seat.

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