Don’t buy stupid in car video kits – use these!

You can pay thousands for a kit of lenses and a box to record it all or you can do it the Shoestring way. All the films (and almost all the photos) on this blogg were taken with one of these cameras mounted on the rollbar with one of these pod things.

The camera is great and seems to be pretty much indistructable – it still works fine after I attached (in the same was as above) to underneath the bumper of my Boxster (with a bit of tape incase it came off but it didn’t), ran wide and drove into a post. The shutter fell down in the crash but when I switched off and on again it worked perfectly ever since! (see video below for crash – its right near the end so skip forward – the run starts at 3.30, the cool oversteer is at 4 mins and the crash is at 5.15). I posted this on YouTube before I learned how to edit video!

I’ve allways liked the IXUS look – it just seems more “engineered” really easy to use (which means a lot to me, especially as I often give it to a stranger to film me) and shoots in HD which I think is just amazing. I even think the sound is pretty good. Remember – this is in a 80mph gale. If you watch the on board rally ones (see videos section) you can see it copes fine with a 30mph wind despite running with the roof down.

The really clever bit though is the pod thing! I can’t believe how hard it grips and how long it took for someone to come up with the idea. Best £15 I ever spent. infact I bought another one so that I can film myself with one mounted on the car and one attached to a fence post or something.

The early (non HD) videos were taken with an IXUS 70. Virtually the same (and I think even better looking) but I thought I’d lost it. I liked it so much I bought the nearest thing I could. Don’t buy it though – its more expensive and not as good!

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  1. I too like Ixus cameras and am on my second one (nothing wrong with the first one by the way) but I use a Flip camera for in-car video and bought an expensive clamp. How does your ‘pod thing’ attach to the car? Can we have a photo of it in situ? Bob.

    • Shoestring says:

      I’ll get a photo next time I’m out there. But I just got the pod attached to the cage. Sometimes I tape it on to be sure but must of the time it can just hold on.


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